Hello world!

I have graduated from LiveJournal! Also – have forgotten passwords to LiveJournal account… I have resolved to actually do all the things that have made me say, “Geez, I really gotta do that…” or “Why don’t I do that anymore?” As a much younger person, my writing was important to me: I kept a journal, I wrote letters home, I wrote notes to classmates. It was painfully shocking to realize that I don’t write anymore. Period. I keep buying books of writing prompts and let them gather dust. I don’t really even give myself a chance, but assume that I can’t turn out anything worthwhile, so why start? I look at the stack of Writer’s Digest magazines from a decade ago, and glance away without taking a crack at the challenges inside. I am worried that I am starting to do that with my people as well – I am losing them without knowing them. I have just about twenty years of people I have not bothered to get to know or appreciate, and I’ve decided that that’s pretty awful. SO – no more. I am going to write that letter to Stephen King, thanking him for inspiration of imagination. I am going to get and keep in touch with my family and friends, because I think fondly of them every day. I am going to get writing and keep writing, because for a long lonely time, it kept me safe and sane. Awesome.